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I'm following Ajaxian, but I'm wondering if there are other awesome blogs about HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript and such?

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You'll get more answers on – Chris S Jan 10 '10 at 12:21

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up vote 3 down vote accepted is pretty good for finding out about the latest happenings in the CSS world.

A List Apart usually has great articles regarding web development (not specifically HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

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Some Javascript blogs from my Google Reader

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+1 I just spent an hour on Dreaming in Javascript. Great recommendation! – David Robbins Jan 10 '10 at 12:55

It is not specific to HTML5 and CSS3, but it is a very helpful blog :

It deals with good practices for the web in general and performance improvements of web apps.

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Dive into HTML5

24 ways (you'll have to wait until December for 24 more articles, but read the old ones):

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Ajaxian is probably the best news source.

Smashing magazine also publishes interesting articles about HTML/CSS techniques and web design in general.

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Me and a lot of people I work with periodically check Chris West's Blog. His code is pretty good and he seems to always have new ways of looking at things that you wouldn't normally think of. He also developed a customizable JavaScript library called jPaq so he seems to know his stuff. One thing to note is that he seems to love and be best in JavaScript, but he does refer to some CSS3 and HTML5 things.

share|improve this answer has some really nice introductory articles for CSS3 features.

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If you want up close and personal information on what is going on with HTML 5, I guess you should go directly to the source and read WHATWG Blog

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For HTML5 I would also recommend HTML5 Doctor.

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ScriptAndStyle has a good rotation of CSS HTML and Javascript.

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i have google alerts for html 5 OR css 3

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  • CSS Tricks is excellent (all kinds of CSS);
  • Nettuts has a lot of useful tutorials on all kinds of web-related areas;
  • Soh Tanaka - mainly Javascript-focused, seems to have gone quiet recently though.
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