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I want to upgrade my application from Indy 9 to 10 with Delphi 2007. There is a lot of issues in this, I have read the indy doc about changes but I still need advise. This won't compile as ReadString is not found.

vCmdHead := FTCPClient.ReadString(16);

where FTCPClient is of type TIdTCPClient. vCmdHead is a structure that contains a command as a string. What method could I use instead ?

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      {$IFDEF INDY10}
      ALine := IdTCPClient.IOHandler.ReadString(16);
      Aline := IdTCPClient.ReadString(16);

Something like this

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Thanks! At least it compiles fine with this. Probably not my last question about Indy10 :) –  Roland Bengtsson Jan 8 '10 at 13:50

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