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We had to reboot our storage controller and after that we are getting this following error on the Linux server.

I have seen few posts on some forums to update multipathd etc, but i don't think it is a problem with the package. this has happened after the storage controller reboot.

my /var/log/messages gives following on Linux NAS server

multipathd: sdaa: tur checker reports path is down

I have done the multipath rescan and checked all my LUNS are present. i can see all my partitions on the NAS server.(Linux)

multipath –v2

and verified all my LUNS using multipath -l | grep HSV450

i think above sdaa is not used anymore and server is giving this error due to unused paths. possible solution is execute the

multipathd -F to remove unused maps. but my concern is will it cause any issues to mounted paritions ? oracle ASM storage ?

appreciate your feedback

Thanks in advance Tharanga Abeyseela

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