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When registering a menu item for the "OK Glass..." I'd like to some how provide a different semantic value to what is actually displayed. The example I have is "OK glass, find an ATM" is difficult for Glass to recognise and I'm thinking this is because it is expecting the word "ATM" instead of "A-T-M". If possible can I somehow provide these semantics into the menu whilst displaying an alternate message?

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I've been searching for the same thing. I think a feature request. – J.Romero Dec 2 '13 at 23:01
would phonetically spelling out the voice trigger in voice_trigger_scan.xml but changing the displayed text help your case? – stanzheng Jan 23 '14 at 21:19

The Glass Developers Voice Command Checklist and Voice Input pages both recommend using a generic trigger under the "ok glass" menu, immediately followed by speech recognition to determine specific/unique parts of the request.

Could you use something like: "ok glass, find the nearest location for..."

... and then recognize the speech for "...A-T-M".

Here is the example used on the Voice Command Checklist:

"ok glass, find a recipe for..." (this allows users to speak "chicken kiev" and immediately see the recipe)

This approach also has the benefit of being generic enough to have your Glassware locate a number of places, not just an ATM.

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