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I'm having an issue with my FragmentTransaction slowing down my app significantly. It slows down, but when I rotate the device the app speeds up again back to normal. It's as if there are Fragment's hanging around when they shouldn't be and when the rotate occurs they're cleaned up.

Some details:

My app has a MainActivity that contains a single FrameLayout in which Fragments are attached. I have two types of Fragments that are attached: ListFragment and ViewPagerFragment. The ListFragment is exactly as it sounds. The ViewPagerFragment is a ViewPager of Fragments. So as you can see, when the ViewPagerFragment is attached, I have Fragments, within a ViewPagerFragment, within an Activity. Hence, the ViewPagerFragment uses the ChildFragmentManager to attach fragments. Not sure if this is causing the problems.

Anyway, when the MainActivity starts it attaches the ViewPagerFragment. Then, when the user requests, I call FragmentTransaction.replace() to attach the ListFragment. Note that I'm NOT adding to the back stack in this transaction. After this, when the user navigates back to the ViewPagerFragment (I call FragmentTransaction.replace() again - without adding to back stack) the entire app slows down significantly. It's as if the previous Fragment is still hanging around in background. That being said, if I rotate the device the app speeds up again.

Any ideas on why this is happening? FragmentTransaction.replace() should completely remove the previous Fragment should it not? I wonder if I'm doing something weird in the ListFragment itself. Maybe I'm not cleaning something up? I am making sure any listeners/callbacks it has are nullified in onDetach().

Greatly appreciate your help! Thanks.

UPDATE: Ok so this is interesting! I just put the above mentioned ListFragment inside another ViewPagerFragment. Basically a ViewPagerFragment with a single Fragment. Using this instead actually prevents the slow down from occurring when the exact transactions mentioned above take place...

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This might be relevant: stackoverflow.com/questions/16974021/…. Still haven't had time to investigate it just yet though. –  clu Nov 29 '13 at 23:23

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