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When hitting the "Save simulation" button I need to know which "option" has been selected in the dropdown box. How to create a field using scala and put it in the testForm object?

@(testForm: Form[Test], areas: List[AreaDefinition]) 

@import helper._

@main("Test") {

@form(routes.TestController.newTest()) {

    <table border="0" id="areasensor_table">
        <tr id="areasensor_row0">
                <div id="wrapperForArea">
                    <select id="selectedArea"> @for(area <- areas) {
                        <option value="@area.uniqueid">@area.name</option>}

<div class="pull-right">
<button class="btn btn-large btn-primary" type="submit">Save simulation</button>


    Form<Test> filledForm = Form.form(Test.class).bindFromRequest();
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Name attribute in select needs to be specified so that you can retrieve it on server side

<select name="area"> @for(area <- areas) {
    <option value="@area.uniqueid">@area.name</option>}
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