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I've been searching the internet on how to initialize a datepicker twitter bootstrap form helper, but I cant seem to find a tutorial for it. I already have the datepicker.js embeded, but I don't know how to initialize the js to the textbox I want it. How do I initialize the datepicker plugin?


I have added the text box for my datepicker:

        <div class="bfh-datepicker">
        <input  id="datepickers" type="text" class="datepicker">

This is how I'm currently initializing it(not working)

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Everything in your code is fine. Since you mentioned about datepicker.js embeded I'm giving my thoughts.

There is no need of datepicker.js to be embedded separately because bootstrap-formhelpers.min.js will take care of it(that the specialty of bfh).

Following the files are needed for Twitter bootstrap form helper.

  1. bootstrap.min.css v3.0.0
  2. bootstrap-formhelpers.min.css
  3. jQuery library v1.10.2
  4. bootstrap.min.js v3.0.0
  5. bootstrap-formhelpers.min.js

See its working in JSFiddle

Here is a official reference from whats to be included?

|--- dist/
|    |--- css/
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers.css
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers.min.css
|    |--- img/
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers-countries.flags.png
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers-currencies.flags.png
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers-googlefonts.png
|    |--- js/
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers.js
|         |--- bootstrap-formhelpers.min.js
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