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as any request for help starts im new to this but ive got some knowledge of html and css and have recently began to understand wordpress. I am working on a new website which i have recreated with wordpress, its still a work in progress as i am still adding content to pages and finally its all coming together, but i find myself confused...there are six images, social media icons for facebook, twitter and google plus that are showing a broken link icon...the link works but ive tested in firefox, safari chrome etc and they all show the link is broken?

plz help the site is not complete so plz excuse the empty pages...i just cant seem to figure out why this is happening

thankyou in advance for the help

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#twittertop, #facebooktop, and #googletop all have an <img src=.

These divs already have background images, so you should just remove the <img src=.

Otherwise, remove the background-image of these divs and put wp-content/themes/Where%20To%20Get%20A/ at the beginning of each img src.

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its working now, thankyou!! :) – Gary Robinson Nov 30 '13 at 0:32
@GaryRobinson Please consider marking this answer as the correct answer, if that is what helped you. :) – Sheng Slogar Nov 30 '13 at 0:33

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