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i am using jdk1.7.0_45 for building javafx project,loads pre created html site from my application,found passing this url file:///E:/web/index.html but which is not my requirement,need to load from my app,so please tell me anyone,the folder name need to place in javafx app. thanks

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I'm assuming that the question is that you want to package a static HTML file with your application and display it in a WebView.

You can do it with code like this (Scala syntax but the meaning should be clear):

val url = getClass getResource "index.html"

webView.getEngine load url.toString 

In this example, the index.html file (and any related content) must reside in the same package as the class of the code. E.g. if the class is mypackage.myapp.MyApp, the file must be in the mypackage.myapp package.

If your build system provides an e.g. resources folder, it would be good practice to use that for static content such as this. I.e., for this example, create a package mypackage.myapp in the resources folder and place the html file there.

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found myself yesterday anyway thanks –  jenuine Nov 30 '13 at 4:28

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