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I am developing an application for FB Login with website using Javascript and JSF. I have included my FB-Login button tag <fb:login-button scope="email"></fb:login-button> inside my code. when i run it, it does't show login button in my webpage. I am using Eclipse Juno editor and Apache Tomcat 7.0. How do i get Login button in my webpage? The thing is, it works fine in html.

I have attached my fbLogin.xhtml code at here.

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Put your body tag as <body></body> not by this <h:body></h:body> and place <fb:login-button scope="email" /> before <h:form> tag.


     <fb:login-button scope="email" />


Now it will work fine.

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This still didn't work for me. I get "fb:login-button" is not bound. – sgoldberg Apr 9 '14 at 10:50
@sgoldberg see this link….. – Wanna Coffee Apr 17 '14 at 5:43

you can make it as JS also


document.write('<fb:login-button scope="email" />');

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