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I want to find the mean across a dataframe of values. For example, if I have the following data:

ID Value Status
1   10     A
2   15     B
3   20     A

And I want to find the mean of all values with the status A in it. How would I do so?

Here is my attempt:

dataframe$balance.mean(dataframe$status == 'A')

But I keep getting an error that says Error: attempt to apply non-function. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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If I understood your requirement clearly, following should meet your requirement:



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+1, using with makes it clearer in theses cases without too many $s: with(df, mean(val[sta=="A"])) –  Arun Nov 29 '13 at 9:06
and even more readable (arguable) can be: with(subset(df, sta == "A"), mean(val)) –  flodel Nov 29 '13 at 11:03

Remember that () is used for function calls, [] are used for subsetting. Your are now calling a function while there is actually no function, giving the error message you see.

In a more general sense, for these kinds of things I like to use plyr, although data.table is an awesome other option.

ddply(dataframe, .(Status), summarize, mean_value = mean(Value))

This will yield you a new data.frame with the average values of Value for each unique value of Status.

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As @PaulHiemstra alluded to, there is a clean data.table solution which would be:

DT[Status=="A", mean(val)]

where DT <- as.data.table(your_data_frame)

or you can set the key for quicker results:

setkey(DT, "status")
# this will produce a data.table, not a single 
DT["A", mean(val)]
# This produces a single number
DT["A"] [, mean(val)]
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