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What is the most awesome gem I should use to call Erlang functions from Ruby app? I wish to use rspec for testing some gen_server stuff.

Erlectricity looking solid, but there is no something like Node#rpc, just message passing. Any ideas?

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If you have message passing, you can "mimic" rpc by maintain a server process in Erlang which will listen for your messages and spawn workers to execute them. (rpc in erlang is implemented similarly) –  Zed Jan 8 '10 at 15:22
Maybe I'm stupid but do you mean "start a erl node, expose some function in a module and send the result back to ruby" when you say "call erlang functions" ? Or do you mean "I have a running erl node that expose some functions from a module via tcp/ip or a stdin/stdout" –  Jonke Jan 10 '10 at 10:43
"What is the ost awesome gem I should use"...lol. I'm going to get voted down for this, but is this how all Ruby devs talk? –  Judah Himango Jan 26 '10 at 4:53

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Well. I am using BERT-RPC and happy with it.


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For rpc calls, rinterface might be the right option. From the README:

r = Erlang::Node.rpc("math","math_server","add",[10,20])
if r[0] == :badrpc
   puts "Got and Error. Reason #{r[1]}"
   puts "Success: #{r[1]}"
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I think (someone prove me wrong) that you shouldn't use rspec for a gen_server at all. Instead you could, depening on what your gen_server actually does, use eunit. http://salientblue.com/codenotes/?name=erl_start and no, its a long way from rspec.

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