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How can i detect the button setOnClickListener in info window on google map? Actually in my info window i have a button and i want to click on that button. Is this possible to do this?

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Check out this answer, this can be useful stackoverflow.com/a/15040761/2136046 –  Kristijan Drača Nov 29 '13 at 10:33
Thanx for your quick reply. actually the thing is i also using marker clustering in map and for clustering i am using a library so now it is really hard to assemble the code on clustering library classes. –  Ankit Sharma Nov 29 '13 at 11:30

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Try it

mMap.setOnInfoWindowClickListener(new OnInfoWindowClickListener() {
        public void onInfoWindowClick(Marker marker) {

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Actually it not posiable, Google Map renders the content of you custom InfoWindow into an image and displays it to you as an Image. Therefore you set a click Listener only to the whole window and not to the Views inside it.

Your only choice it to set the ClickListener to the whole InfoWindow and popup an Dialog with clickable content you want, and not do it directly inside the InfoWindow.

From Google Docs: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/android/marker#info_windows

Note: The info window that is drawn is not a live view. The view is rendered as an image (using View.draw(Canvas)) at the time it is returned. This means that any subsequent changes to the view will not be reflected by the info window on the map. To update the info window later (e.g., after an image has loaded), call showInfoWindow(). Furthermore, the info window will not respect any of the interactivity typical for a normal view such as touch or gesture events. However you can listen to a generic click event on the whole info window as described in the section below.

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Try this create own class as

    public abstract class OnInfoWindowItemTouchListener implements OnTouchListener {
    private final View view;
    private final int bgDrawableNormal;
    private final int bgDrawablePressed;
    private final Handler handler = new Handler();

    private Marker marker;
    private boolean pressed = false;

    public OnInfoWindowItemTouchListener(View view, int bgDrawableNormal, int bgDrawablePressed) {
        this.view = view;
        this.bgDrawableNormal = bgDrawableNormal;
        this.bgDrawablePressed = bgDrawablePressed;

    public void setMarker(Marker marker) {
        this.marker = marker;

    public boolean onTouch(View vv, MotionEvent event) { 
        if (0 <= event.getX() && event.getX() <= view.getWidth() &&
            0 <= event.getY() && event.getY() <= view.getHeight())
            switch (event.getActionMasked()) {
            case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN: startPress(); break;

            // We need to delay releasing of the view a little so it shows the pressed state on the screen
            case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP: handler.postDelayed(confirmClickRunnable, 150); break;

            case MotionEvent.ACTION_CANCEL: endPress(); break;
            default: break;
        else {
            // If the touch goes outside of the view's area
            // (like when moving finger out of the pressed button)
            // just release the press
        return true;

    private void startPress() {
        if (!pressed) {
            pressed = true;
            if (marker != null) 

    private boolean endPress() {
        if (pressed) {
            this.pressed = false;
            if (marker != null) 
            return true;
            return false;

    private final Runnable confirmClickRunnable = new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            if (endPress()) {
                onClickConfirmed(view, marker);

     * This is called after a successful click 
    protected abstract void onClickConfirmed(View v, Marker marker);

Use it in your activity:

    final OnInfoWindowItemTouchListener buttonListener = new         OnInfoWindowItemTouchListener(markHere, 0, 0) {
                protected void onClickConfirmed(View v, Marker marker) {
//  more code goes here
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Thanks shylendra for your quick reply. But i just want to know how you find the click event over info window? –  Ankit Sharma Nov 29 '13 at 11:47

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