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I am having some json problems. I receive this json string that I need to convert to a C# object. But I cannot figure out how to create the class.

It’s the “80” and “81” that's bothering me – it’s data, not datatypes. How should the classes be defined, in order to deserialize this string using JsonConvert


    "type": "offer",
    "locations": {
        "80": [
            [0.9668122154477, 1.2264154397082],
            [0.9668122154477, 0.17307269895365],
            [1, 0.17307269895365],
            [1, 1.2264154397082]
        "81": [
            [0, 1.2264154397082],
            [0, 0.17307269895365],
            [0.50429990148833, 0.17307269895365],
            [0.50429990148833, 1.2264154397082]
    "id": "edcfPmWm",
    "run_from": 1385161200,
    "run_till": 1385765999,
    "heading": "Q-line udend\u00f8rs julebelysning",
    "webshop": null
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Here is the most basic class with just the fields that fit your needs (you'd need accessors and so on).

public class YourJsonData

    private string type; // could be an enum
    private string id;
    private int timestampFrom;
    private int timestampTill;
    private string heading;
    private string webshop;

    private Dictionary<int, List<List<double>>> locations;


NB: Are you asking for a specific class that encapsulates the List<List<double>>?

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Dictionary<int, List<List<int>>> should be Dictionary<int, List<List<double>>> –  ChristophK Nov 29 '13 at 10:40
Oops, my bad, thank you. –  Pierre Arlaud Nov 29 '13 at 10:44
Thank you guys - works like a charm. –  Jesper Højgaard Nov 29 '13 at 11:20

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