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I use NetBeans for several Java web projects. All of my web projects use the same framework, consisting of an identical API, identical JSP files, and all control of the API/JSP in one project specific XML configuration file (in WEB-INF).

Mistakenly, I thought this would be simple and done in the natural way: Create a project in Netbeans with the configuration file inside the project, and include the common JSPs and API. The API can be included just fine in each project, but for unclear reasons common JSPs can only be included into ONE project at a time.

To satisfy these constraints in Netbeans, I work "backwards". The common JSP files pretend to be project specific JSP files when I create the new project, and the actual project specific files are instead included into the project.

In detail, I create a new project like this:

  • New Project "Java Web" - "Web Application with Existing Sources"
  • Location "c:\mysvnstuff\trunk....\commonweb"
  • Project Name "WebProjectX"
  • Project Folder "C:\Users\me\Documents\NBProjects\WebProjectX" (created there)
  • Context Path "/commoncontext"
  • Web Pages Folder "c:\mysvnstuff\trunk....\commonweb"
  • WEB-INF content (here I create a new directory for each WebProject, in this case "c:\mysvnstuff\trunk....\web" under which I add WEB-INF with the XML-configuration)

After creation, I go to Properties and add the API as Libraries "Add Project".

Question 1: Is it possible to get each project to include the common stuff, which would be the natural way?

Further, now some year later I want to have add one or two JSPs, that are only available for selected projects. The natural way would be to create a new separate project with just those JSP files in it, and include it into the projects that need those extra files. Not possible. I have tried other options but can't get it to work.

Another alternative would be to put all those new project specific JSP files into the common web directory (ugly but still) and use the "Exclude" function in Netbeans to remove them from the resulting WAR file. I have discovered that this modifies the file project.properties. It works for me, locally. But this is a poor way to go: I never commit any Netbeans config files into the repo, because doing so would commit machine specific things like "C:\foo\bar".

Question 2: How can I best add new project specific JSP files to my framework?

Question 3, bonus: Should I simply dump Netbeans and use something more generic and flexible? Eclipse? Or skip these IDE:s and just write my own build scripts? Suggestions?


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