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This is a strange issue when dealing with AWS .Net SDK. I have this class:

public enum Versioning

public class Bucket
    public string BucketName { get; set; }
    public DateTime CreatedDate { get; set; }
    public Versioning Status { get; set; }

Straightforward enough, then I have this method call:

public IList GetAll() { var models = new List();

        var response = client.ListBuckets();
        foreach (var bucket in response.Buckets)
            var versionRequest = new GetBucketVersioningRequest()
                BucketName = bucket.BucketName
            var versionResponse = client.GetBucketVersioning(versionRequest);
            var status = Versioning.Off;

                case VersionStatus.Enabled: status = Versioning.Enabled; break;
                case VersionStatus.Off: status = Versioning.Off; break;
                case VersionStatus.Suspended: status = Versioning.Suspended; break;
                default: status = Versioning.Off; break;

            var model = new Bucket()
                BucketName = bucket.BucketName,
                CreatedDate = bucket.CreationDate,
                Status = status

    catch (AmazonS3Exception amazonS3Exception)
        if (amazonS3Exception.ErrorCode != null && (amazonS3Exception.ErrorCode.Equals("InvalidAccessKeyId") || amazonS3Exception.ErrorCode.Equals("InvalidSecurity")))
            Console.WriteLine("Check the provided AWS Credentials.");
            Console.WriteLine("To sign up for service, go to http://aws.amazon.com/s3");
            Console.WriteLine("Error occurred. Message:'{0}' when listing objects", amazonS3Exception.Message);

    return models;

but the switch statement doesn't work. It states "A constant value is expected". So I peeked at the (what I thought was an enum) class and this is what it has:

public sealed class VersionStatus : ConstantClass
    public static readonly VersionStatus Enabled;
    public static readonly VersionStatus Off;
    public static readonly VersionStatus Suspended;

    public VersionStatus(string value);

    public static implicit operator VersionStatus(string value);

    public static VersionStatus FindValue(string value);

Now this is completely alien to me. I have no idea how this works at all. So my question is, how do I convert this class to an enum?



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