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I am running Rails 4 under Nginx and Phusion Passenger on my local machine to develop a web application, everything is setup and running smoothly - there were no problems.

However, when I try to view my home controllers index method, which is a .html.erb file, generated from haml via CodeKit, the page either displays nothing or the current version, and then the previous version of what I have done.

For instance:

Version 1: <h1>Hello, World</h1>

Version 2: <h1>Bye, World</h1>

If I had V1 on the sever, and update it to V2 by simply replacing the file, and refresh the page shows V2. If I refresh again it shows V1. If I refresh again it shows V2 etc…. Worse, if I manually re-type the address the page shows white, nothing, until I restart Nginx.

Is there some weird caching going on… I haven't done anything other than what is outlined in the Rails tutorial:

I have touched files up to stage 4.3.

This is a serious problem.

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It turns out rack_env was set to production, which enables config.cache_classes, resulting in weird page results and all of this mishap.

Setting rack_env development solves this issue.

Makes sense, since a deployed application won't be having pages constantly changed for .css, content or structure etc….

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