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Looks like I found a good commercial variant, but I'm looking exactly for Free one. Does someone know some?

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I am currently looking for a free .net ORM for use on Windows CE. So far I have found these commerical options:

NHibernate sadly is not an option because it uses features that are not available in the Compact Framework (e.g. reflection related functionality).

If using a SQL database as your underlying data store is not absolutely necessary then Karvonite is worth consideration. It is a free (Ms-PL) object persistence framework compatable with the .net Compact Framework. Do you need to use SQL Server Compact or are you really just wanting an easy way to persist your domain?

I will update you if I find more options.

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How about the OpenNETCF ORM? It's free, lightweight, and was built specifically for the Compact Framework, then ported to other platforms (as opposed to someone shoehorning a desktop ORM into the CF).

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I don't longer need this. But anyway thank you. Maybe others will find this useful. –  Andriy Buday Apr 11 '12 at 16:13

I built DapperLite to work on .NET Compact Framework and full .NET. It's basically a Dapper clone, so it's a single file under 200 lines you can drop into your project.

I had tried OpenNETCF.ORM but found it too opinionated. I love using Dapper in my desktop apps but unfortunately it doesn't work with .NET Compact Framework.

I also built a Micro-ORM layer over the top of DapperLite to make it a bit easier to use, which is essentially a clone of Dapper.Rainbow

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I am just starting down the path of using this. Where is the best place to ask questions as I stumble around? Not that I'll have any.... ;-) –  Refracted Paladin Dec 31 '13 at 19:57
I see you're making comments on the GitHub project (github.com/ryankirkman/DapperLite) - that's the perfect place ! –  Ryan Kirkman Jan 6 '14 at 23:06

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