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For some reason I cannot get youtube v3 API service configured for an android app. I repeatedly get the error 403 : Access Not Configured.

Example code:

        youtube = new YouTube.Builder(HTTP_TRANSPORT, JSON_FACTORY, new HttpRequestInitializer() {
            public void initialize(HttpRequest request) throws IOException {}

        String queryTerm = "MC";

        YouTube.Search.List search = youtube.search().list("id,snippet");



        SearchListResponse searchResponse = search.execute();

        List<SearchResult> res = searchResponse.getItems();

        return res;

I have set the following:

  1. Registered a google cloud project in the cloud console.
  2. Under API's & Auth I have turned "YouTube Data API v3" ON. It is the only service ON.
  3. I have registered my Android application "appname" which matches the argument passed to "setApplicationName" above.
  4. I used the Eclipse -> Window -> Preferences -> Android -> Build menu to give me the SHA1 of the debug.keystore. I verified that the package name from my AndroidManifest.xml package="test.project".
  5. I have taken the google cloud "Android Key -> Api Key" and set this to the request: search.setKey(DeveloperKey.DEVELOPER_KEY);
  6. I have double checked that eclipse is signing the package with the debug.keystore.

I am not using oAuth.

Anyone know what I'm missing?

Cheers, Jon

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Im going to try calling the rest api directly not through the google classes. –  user3049320 Dec 4 '13 at 4:46
If I manually post a request to: googleapis.com/youtube/v3/… it returns: { "error": { "errors": [ { "domain": "usageLimits", "reason": "accessNotConfigured", "message": "Access Not Configured" } ], "code": 403, "message": "Access Not Configured" } } so points for consistency google. –  user3049320 Dec 8 '13 at 12:52

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OK I am guessing the reason that google was blocking my requests was that they expected any android requests to come via oAuth?

I was able to get this working by registering a web app and using the browser key.

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