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I have a data-model like

      Creation time: "time"
      Plan: "plan_type"
      License_count: "No of licenses"
      UsersList : 
          user1 = "1" // user_id with the plan type number
          user2 = "3"
          user3 = "4"

The structure is the same for many organisations say Organisation_2, 3, 4 etc.. I use organisation IDs as keys and values is the map ie

{KEY = org_ids, VALUE => Map_1 {field, value}}.. and 

i save the UsersList in another map ie

{KEY=>UsersList, VALUE=> Map_2  {userID, planType}}.. 

I just want to know if i could store the REFERENCE for the key "UsersList" as a value in the first hashmap corresponding to the field "UsersList" ?? From my little knowledge about redis , i find that it cannot be done.. Also Wanted to know if class objects can be stored in redis??.. and finally is it possible or what is the best way to model this data in redis as an "ENTITY" instead of using multiple datatypes??

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