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I want to find all elements in a directory in ClearCase under a branch say BR1 where the label LABEL1 is not on latest of BR1.

cleartool find . -ele "lbtype_sub(LABEL1) && brtype(BR1) && ! version(.../BR1/LATEST)" -print

This doesn't seem to be working.
What is the problem ?

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The example of cleartool find for versions not the LATEST is:

cleartool find . -version "{brtype(main_dev) && created_since(30-Apr) &&  
  (! created_since(31-May)) && (! version(\main\main_dev\LATEST))}" -print

So try:

cleartool find . -ele '{lbtype_sub(LABEL1) && brtype(BR1) && (! version(.../BR1/LATEST))}' -print

If it doesn't work for elements, do the query for version associated with an exec directive, in order to display the name of the element associated with the version found:
(see fmt_ccase)

cleartool find . -ver '{lbtype_sub(LABEL1) && brtype(BR1) && (! version(.../BR1/LATEST))}' -exe 'cleartool descr -fmt "%En"'

And sort the list to remove any duplicate: %En display the name of the element.

Warning: Note that will give you elements that also have a LATEST version on that branch BR1, so you need to make a second query:

cleartool find . -ver '{lbtype_sub(LABEL1) && brtype(BR1) && version(.../BR1/LATEST)}' -exe 'cleartool descr -fmt "%En"'

That will give you all the elements which have a version in BR1/LATEST.
Remove those elements from the first list, and you will get (finally) what you are after.

In short: -ele doesn't work directly for this kind of query.

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sorry forgot to say this was for linux and the above did not work –  user2636464 Nov 29 '13 at 14:46
@user2636464 sure: replace double quotes by simple quotes, but the answer stands –  VonC Nov 29 '13 at 14:48
not sure but it doesn't give any results whereas this one gives cleartool find . -ver '{lbtype_sub(LABEL1) && brtype(BR1) && (! version(.../BR1/LATEST))}' -print. But i am not interested in version but in element. –  user2636464 Nov 29 '13 at 14:50
@user2636464 Then do it for versions, display the name of the element and remove duplicates: see my edited answer. –  VonC Nov 29 '13 at 14:55

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