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I have a simple application in C# WinForms in which I am writing data from a couple of views into a text file. The thing is that for a column, the StreamWriter that I am using to write the data into the text file is somehow truncating the column length to the max length value of that specific column. It's doing this only for a single column -as far as a I discovered, at least- (the dataset has 68 columns) and because of the incorrect format I can not upload the file into another system. Here is the code that I am using (I even enforced the conversion to my desired column length inside the view):

dsBC = new DataSet();
sqlBC1 = new SqlCommand(@"select 
                           ..... bs1 to bs40...,
                          convert(nvarchar(32),bs41) as bs41,
                          .... bs43 to bs68...    
                       from VW_1", conn);
daBC1 = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlBC1);
daBC1.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Select1");
daBC1.Fill(dsBC, "Select1");

sqlBC2 = new SqlCommand("select * from VW_2", conn);
daBC2 = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlBC2);
daBC2.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Select2");
daBC2.Fill(dsBC, "Select2");

sqlBC3 = new SqlCommand("select * from VW_3", conn);
daBC3 = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlBC3);
daBC3.TableMappings.Add("Table", "Select3");
daBC3.Fill(dsBC, "Select3");

string filename = dtN.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd") + "AZFUCROBU";
string extFileNamemet = ".met";

StreamWriter swmet = new StreamWriter( outputpath + filename + extFileNamemet, false);


foreach (DataTable dt in dsBC.Tables)
    foreach (DataRow dr in dt.Rows)
        foreach (DataColumn dc in dt.Columns)
            //I tried to get for this column the MaxLength value of it but it's -1 foreach table-row
            if (dc.ColumnName == "bs41")
                string tt = dc.MaxLength.ToString();
        RowCount += 1;

The other 2 views have the same columns up to column bs50 and both of them cause the same issue on column bs41. I think it is vital to add this info :

select MAX(len(bs41)) from VW_1
select MAX(len(bs41)) from VW_2
select MAX(len(bs41)) from VW_3

Long story short I need that column to have a length of 32 (how it is defined in the View) while now it has a length of 20. How can I suppress either the DataSet, DataTable, DataColumn or the StreamWriter to get the metadata max length and use the SQL Column length information?!

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