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Currently I'm trying to make some kind of airplay server, but failed. The problem is that the airplay button doesn't appears on my ios device. I've followed this link, and I'm stuck at part where I need to register the airplay service. I'm using dns-sd -R MyAirplayService _airplay._tcp local 22555 command, service shows as registrated, but no button for me. Tried to change port to 7000 or 7100, but same result. Can you show me, where am I wrong?

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You also need to register a corresponding _raop._tcp service.

By corresponding, I mean the mac addresses (aka device ids) need to match.

For more details on what the announcements should look like, see http://nto.github.io/AirPlay.html

It used to be that only registering the _airplay._tcp was enough, but that has since changed...

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