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I am working on a project where I need to add boxes which contain lots of text on the google api in c#/javascript. The problem is that my textbox does not resize when i enter more text. I'm doing this with a text area. the only time it worked was when I put contenteditable in the html code. However, I can't type normaly in my textarea.

enter image description here

This is what I have at this moment. When the text is longer then the textarea, I get a scrollbar. I have looked at Autosizing textarea using prototype but those sollutions did not work. Does anyone have a idea how I can solve this?

I work in the c# standard webbrowser so that means it is IE.

my code:

//begin css
            height: auto;
            margin-left: 2px;
            margin-top: 2px;
            word-wrap: break-word;
            margin-bottom: 2px;
            position: relative;
            border: none;
            border-color: transparent;
            height: 100%;
            overflow: hidden;
//end css and start Javascript
function showCommentContextMenu(caurrentLatLng, indexPr) {
            var projection;
            projection = map.getProjection();
            contextmenuDir = document.createElement("div");
            contextmenuDir.className = 'contextmenu';

            contextmenuDir.innerHTML = "<div class='contextComment'><div class='textrea'><form action='' name='newTitleForm'><textarea type='text' onKeyPress='false' maxlength='1000' name='newTitle'>" + commentList[indexPr].text + "</textarea></div><div class='arrowImage'><input type='image' type='submit' alt='Verander de comment' onClick='changeComment(document.newTitleForm.newTitle.value, " + indexPr + ")' unselectable='on' src=" + arrow + "></form></div></div>";

            contextmenuDir.style.visibility = "visible";
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You can try this solution:

function textAreaAdjust(o) {
    o.style.height = "1px";
    o.style.height = (25+o.scrollHeight)+"px";

All you have to do is call the function with passing your textarea

<textarea onkeyup="textAreaAdjust(this)" style="overflow:hidden"></textarea>

Again, this solution come from here, i did not wrote it myself

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Thanks that worked perfectly =) –  Henk Nov 29 '13 at 15:21

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