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I want to add a new toolbar button on ipython notebook. I got a good link mentioned this.

So I create a new file: ~/.ipython/profile_default/static/custom/custom.js with below content

    $([IPython.events]).on('notebook_loaded.Notebook', function(){
             'label'   : 'run qtconsole',
             'icon'    : 'ui-icon-calculator', // select your icon from http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/
             'callback': function(){IPython.notebook.kernel.execute('%qtconsole')}
        // add more button here if needed.

The restart ipython notebook and load the ipython document. I can see one button at the right of the toolbar.

This issue is the icon seems not displayed correctly.

But I guess it should looks like ui-icon-calculator.

The ui-icon-calculator can be found at themeroller but I am not sure if I need to download it to local disk.

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That doc is out of date. jquery-ui icons are no longer available, instead use one from FontAwesome with IPython >= 1.0. See this file for an example custom.js with IPython 1.x.

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Great,it really works with the new reference document. –  Beetlej Nov 30 '13 at 1:45

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