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I'm creating a menu at the bottom posititon:absolute; bottom:0, with submenu items that should appear perfectly above it's parent, in this case, all li should appear above the ul itself.

This is perfectly achieveable by having a margin:<negative value>, however: the pixel amount is defined by the most upper pixel of the box itself, instead of the lastest li item.

Therefor: If you have a dynamic submenu, like I do, with a fixed negative margin, the submenu that is placed above the main above will not correctly displayed, either way above or way above the menu itself.

I'm looking for a solution this. I'm thinking of 3 possible options, which all I don't know how to code.
A. The negative margin is a value that calculates to the most bottom pixel of the box (with other words: At the bottom of the last li item). Just like in Photoshop, where you can focus on a angle of the box, calculating distances to that point.
B. Something like li:calc(<amount of list items * -23px + 20px) - A dynamic option. Also possible with jQuery`
C. A better solution thought by yourself. :)


P.s. A JSfiddle of what I currently have, where you see my current set up is not that great working. :) Here

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Try this fiddle:


var a=$('#filters').scrollTop()+$('#filters').height();
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I saw your edit. Both before and after your edit, the code works. Although I had to you '785' as a value on the first code, the new piece of code is logically better and.. it just plainly works. :) I hardly got a clue what you've written, though I know jQuery.. It just works and for that I'm thankfull. So mate: Thanks! –  Sander Schaeffer Nov 29 '13 at 18:45

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