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I am creating a static library and I want to make a podspec so it can be included in other projects as well. To generate proper pod structure I used a command :

pod lib create <library_name>

It generated the following structure

  • .podspec
  • Classes
  • Project
  • README.md
  • Rakefile

I created a new Xcode project inside the "projects" directory. I also added two files to the project called Test1.h and Test2.h and saved them inside classes directory. Plus I added, header search path variable to xCode project settings, "../Classes/" so the classes & headers in other directories are are seen by compiler. (Is there a way to have a group in Xcode such that all classes added to it, go to Classes directory, and compiler can see them automatically ?)

So now it looks like this

  • .podspec
  • Classes
    • Test1.h
    • Test2.m
  • Project
    • (folder)
    • .xcodeproj
    • Tests
    • Podfile
  • README.md
  • Rakefile

In my podspec I have the following setting for source files

s.source_files = 'Classes/*.{h,m}'

But when I run :

pod spec lint .podspec

I get the following error :

  • ERROR | The source_files pattern did not match any file.

Analyzed 1 podspec.

[!] The spec did not pass validation.

What is the issue here? I have been stuck on this for hours.

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Did you find the fix? –  Ramesh Jan 30 at 1:42

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This was also driving me nuts for 'hours'. I then discovered that the files and tags must be present in the source git repo. So make sure you push your code and your tags to the remote repo...


You can also do a 'pod lib lint' to lint the local files not the git repo.

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Well files are present under Classes/ directory in the repository. Just to test it out, I cloned the repository and used git tag command to view tags. It seemed to have 0.0.1 tag on it. Which means its the same as in the podspec file. s.version = "0.0.1" –  foFox Dec 5 '13 at 19:53
Did you try 'pod lib lint'? –  robodo Feb 6 '14 at 9:41

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