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Since Qt5's QPixmap::save function supports saving into various image formats, such as PNG, I have added support into a library which is often used on large clusters. Unfortunately, these machines typically don't have display servers running, but I would still like to use Qt5's ability to save images.

Is it possible to use Qt5's simplified interface to libpng and friends when no display server is running? The advice given in this question suggests launching with the -platform offscreen command-line option, but that simply results in a segfault with Qt-5.1.1 when I attempt to write to a QPixmap. Creating a QCoreApplication instead of a QApplication is unfortunately also inadequate.

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Use QImage, QGuiApplication and the offscreen platform plugin.

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Thank you; I ended up implementing this approach and it turns out that QCoreApplication is sufficient for QImage. The offscreen platform plugin was not needed either. –  Jack Poulson Nov 30 '13 at 23:16

You can always run graphic application in Framebuffer on Linux. FrameBuffer

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