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wp_redirect('http://www.novasoftware.se/WebViewer/(S(onfdgir5pyy4srekwqj5vk45))/design1.aspx?schoolid=82190&code=730786', 301);

I have trouble with this I am afraid.

This is the address I want to get to: http://www.novasoftware.se/WebViewer/(S(onfdgir5pyy4srekwqj5vk45))/design1.aspx?schoolid=82190&code=730786

But this is what the ulr transforms to in the wp_redirect: http://www.novasoftware.se/WebViewer/Sonfdgir5pyy4srekwqj5vk45/design1.aspx?schoolid=82190&code=730786

I have tried to urlencode the url, but that did not work. Am I doing something wrong?

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According to the WordPress codex, wp_redirect does not exit automatically and needs to be followed by the command exit, so your code should look like:

wp_redirect('http://www.novasoftware.se/WebViewer/(S(jkb41kbyejh4q3jiicwexcq2))/design1.aspx?schoolid=82190&code=730786', 301);


Instead of using wp_redirect(), use header().

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Thanks - I have added that - but it does not solve the problem with the url being altered by wp_redirect. –  Martin Klasson Nov 29 '13 at 20:17
Instead of using wp_redirect, try using header(); followed by exit(); –  Dylan Hildenbrand Nov 29 '13 at 20:26

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