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I've been struggling with this literally all day. I'm trying to create a simple Android app that gets the last 10 uploads form a channel and displays their thumbnails. I managed to do this with HTTP GET requests to the API and then parsing the JSON using JSONObject but I'd like to do it using the youtube v3 library. I can't find code related to what i want for Android. I found 1 java example that wasn't even close to what I want to do and couldn't manage co make it work. Then I tried to go through the javadoc but no success there. I'm stuck on even creating the YouTube object. It's constructor takes 3 parameters: HttpTransport(which is abstract and non of it's direct descendants can take it's plase), AndroidJsonFactory (which is the only thing that seems to work) and HttpRequestInitializer(the deal with it is the same as HttpTransport).

If you could give me an example of how can I retrieve all the videos in a playlist (i don't even need the mall just the last ~20) by the playlist ID and then go through them and retrieve the video thumbnails and IDs that'd be GREAT!

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Just look at YouTube Direct Lite for Android project, it lists uploaded videos in same way.

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Thank you very much –  user2419750 Dec 1 '13 at 11:44

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