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I need to build PySide against the python interpreter that comes with a third party application (RV by Tweak), but I always get issues. I've tried using the build scripts repository, which seems to build just fine, but when I make the build available within RV, I get undefined symbol errors from QGtkStyle. So, I've tried getting the source packages and building them myself. I've tried setting all the environment variables to point to the application's folders but cmake gets confused about where to find QT, giving warnings about:

runtime library [libQtCore.so.4] in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu may be hidden by files in: /opt/rv-Linux-x86-64-3.12.20/lib I tried setting the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH but that doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm running out of ideas on how to get this working. Does anyone have any suggestions on building PySide so that it will work with this third party app? I know I'm probably just missing something stupid.

Ubuntu 12.04, embedded python with version 2.6.7

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