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I am looking up the documentation here at : https://github.com/andreasronge/neo4j-core

I want to use the session feature as :

session = Neo4j::Session.open(:server_db, "http://localhost:7474")

I have the following gems installed as told by gem list on jruby-1.7.4

neo4j-community (1.9.M05 java)
neo4j-core (2.3.0 java)
neo4j-cypher (1.0.2)

I cannot use Neo4j::Session as I always get an error:

       uninitialized constant Neo4j::Session

Opening an irb session and requiring neo4j-core and inspecting shows me this :

enter image description here

The Session module is nowhere to be found. Where am I missing out on?

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You read documentation for v3.0, but use stable gem v2.3.0

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