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i start a simple project. Its purpose is to generate a 6x10 grid and then pull data from the DB and fill the tiles which have data for. The Generator look like this:

   var w = $('#mainGrid').width();
   var columns = 10;
   var rows = 6;
   var box_size = w/columns-4;
   var db_info = <?php echo $js_array;?>;

   function fill_with_db(db_info,rows,columns){
       for(var x = 1; x <= rows; x++){
            for(var y = 1; y <= columns; y++){
                 var selected_town = $("[coordinate='"+x+":"+y+"']");
                 if(db_info[x][y] != 0){
                    selected_town.append("<span id='name'>"+db_info[x][y]+"</span>").addClass("red");

   function createGrid(rows,columns){
      for(var x = 1; x <= rows; x++){
        for(var y = 1; y <= columns; y++){
           $('#mainGrid').append("<a href='?id="+x+":"+y+"' id='free_slot'>"+x+":"+y+"</a>");
        $('#mainGrid').append("<br />");


In the database i have x_pos, y_pos and name. So if i just generate 6x10 grid and pull the data from the DB its easy it works, but i want to make something like 60x100 grid and on the screen to be shown only 6x10 grid and a link to other 'region' with 6x10 grid. And the last thing is probably to add another column with third coordinate for the specific region. The question is how to do it, how to generate the larger grid and to show only the one region per time?

Edit: I have slove the problem, if anyone want to see the solution feel free to ask :)

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