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how can I make oracle procedure with oracle xe, how can I check if input is valid or not? ex: if my input is number and I type in char that procedure prints out something in that case, I've dealt with SQL but not with these kind of procedures? any help is appreciated


This was a dummy example .. what I meant is to start from the most simple thing then move on up to the more complicated examples, what I actually need is check if a field book in table books equals 0 then stop borrowing query to insert else insert.

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What do you mean by stop borrowing query? – Peter Lang Jan 8 '10 at 18:28
Its just the name of the query, stop it from executing – ant Jan 8 '10 at 19:16
Ah, I see. I think we need more information about that procedure, what it actually does and when to stop doing it. – Peter Lang Jan 8 '10 at 19:47
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Here is an example of the sort of process I think you want. I have had to make a couple of (I hope educated) guesses to fill in the gaps in your example.

create or replace procedure borrow_book
    ( p_book in
      , p_borrower in ) 
    cursor cur_book is
        select out_flag
        from books
        where id = p_book
        for update of out_flag;
    rec_book cur_book%rowtype;
    open cur_book;
    fetch cur_book into rec_book;

    if rec_book.out_flag = 0
        raise_application_error(-20000, 'Book is already out on loan.');
        insert into loans (book_id, borrower_id, issue_date)
        values (p_book, p_borrower, sysdate);
        update books
        set out_flag = 0
        where current of cur_books;
    end if;

    close cur_book;
end borrow_book;
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@APC: +1, sounds like a good guess, at least better than mine. My current interpretation of the question is that there is some sort of count column (book) in table book, which should be decreased if not already 0. But we will have to leave that to the OP to clearify. – Peter Lang Jan 9 '10 at 12:33

Your problem does not sound as if you would need PL/SQL.

A single SQL-insert should do (if I understand your question right):

INSERT INTO new_table
SELECT id, val FROM books WHERE book = 0;

If you still need a procedure, put that into a procedure:

  INSERT INTO new_table
  SELECT id, val FROM books WHERE book = 0;
END my_proc;

Try to avoid looping over a cursor in PL/SQL and inserting values, when it could be done in a single SQL.

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You stored procedures parameters are already strongly typed. If you have an "int" parameter someone types in "ABC" for the value, Oracle will through it out. You won't have to/need to.

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I just updated the question – ant Jan 8 '10 at 18:05

Something like this?

create or replace PROCEDURE BOOK() AS
    declare cursor cur_b is 
        select * from books;
        FOR book_row IN cur_b LOOP
            IF THEN
                INSERT INTO ...
            END IF;
        end loop;
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