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I need something similar to the "Find Duplicates" function in ThumbsPlus. Meaning it needs to allow an adjustable percentage of similarity.

I need to compare several thousand images to each other, so speed is a factor. The system running the code will be a 2.8ghz DUAL core iMac with 4gb RAM.

If it matters, images average about 1500x1500 pixels in size but can be anything (ex. 2002x1536.) Images could be rotated, cropped differently, or run through different enhancement filters. Also, they are a mix of color and grayscale images. All images were scanned in with the same scanner and stored as TIFF files.

This app is intended to flag possible duplicates for human review.

I can write the app in either Objective-C or Python. Algorithms or preferably free or open source library recommendations appreciated. I can not get the Python Imaging Library to build correctly on this system. Also, GraphicsMagic is already being used by other apps I have written.

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