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Was trying to get the members belonging to a pool and trying to use

 def get_members(self, context, filters=None, fields=None):

I was calling this function as


and expecting all the members with the pool id as some_id_received_by

get_members looks like this

def get_members(self, context, filters=None, fields=None):
        return self._get_collection(context, Member,
                                    filters=filters, fields=fields)

and final call looks like this

def _apply_filters_to_query(self, query, model, filters):
    if filters:
        for key, value in filters.iteritems():
            column = getattr(model, key, None)
            if column:
                query = query.filter(column.in_(value))
        for _name, hooks in self._model_query_hooks.get(model,
            result_filter = hooks.get('result_filters', None)
            if isinstance(result_filter, basestring):
                result_filter = getattr(self, result_filter, None)

            if result_filter:
                query = result_filter(query, filters)
    return query

and model looks like this:

class Member(model_base.BASEV2, models_v2.HasId, models_v2.HasTenant,
    """Represents a v2 neutron loadbalancer member."""

    pool_id = sa.Column(sa.String(36), sa.ForeignKey(""),
    address = sa.Column(sa.String(64), nullable=False)
    protocol_port = sa.Column(sa.Integer, nullable=False)
    weight = sa.Column(sa.Integer, nullable=False)
    admin_state_up = sa.Column(sa.Boolean(), nullable=False)

So I am not able to see what's wrong.

                  ========== Updated ===========

Its not returning any data and if I don't pass any filter it will return all the data properly .

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What are the actual results that you get? Is your query not returning all the data you expect, or more than the data you expect? Is it throwing an exception? – Mark Hildreth Nov 30 '13 at 8:57
Its not returning any data and if I don't pass any filter it will return all the data properly – bana Nov 30 '13 at 16:58
The create_engine() function has an "echo" parameter that will cause the SQL generated and run to be logged. This might be helpful in debugging. – Mark Hildreth Nov 30 '13 at 19:33

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