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I want to implement a voice call App for Android. A few requirements was alarmed:

  1. Every android phone connected in LAN should query other devices in the same LAN.
  2. Each phone can talk with each other, only two person allowed in one voice call.
  3. Every voice recording should be saved by server in the same LAN.

So I think that I should:

  1. Phone should get devices info from server, via HTTP request.
  2. Phone should record voice in Android Phone via AudioRecord.
  3. Phone should send audio stream to each other directly via UDP.
  4. Phone play the received audio stream via AudioTrack.
  5. Phone send audio stream to server at the same time with step 3, via HTTP.
  6. Server should save data stream / maintain devices list via Python.

But I don't know how to send / save audio live stream via HTTP.

Do you have any suggestions for more beauty and efficience?

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You have a set of requirements so you need to do some research first. SO can help when you are at the code design/implementation level. Programmers.StackExchange.com may be able to help when you've reached the detailed design stage. You are not even at the design stage as you don't seem to even know what the OS can do. –  Preet Sangha Nov 30 '13 at 7:56
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