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I want to repeat some steps of testing an application. What i think ,first time when i perform the task on that application i will record that steps and after that i want to perform that steps in a loop.

I want to perform both steps recording and playing on the device side.is it possible with monkey runner?

has i study about money Runner from this link MonkeyRunner Link i found i need Python 2.7 but i do not have knowledge about python.any help..?

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Maybe Monkey runner can not record the action.if you want to do this insist, you can dowload other automation studio.For example:SeeTest automation tool.

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Two special scripts are written using MonkeyRunner which helps in running automated UI tests. The scripts are as follows:



This is exactly what you are looking for. You can record the steps and then create test cases or perform the tasks in a loop.

The links are: googlesource or Github

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