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So I've look at many solutions of this on stack overflow, but non seem to have worked. So what I'm doing is creating a directory with a random number, then creating a text file in it.

My directory is like this:

---/(random number directory) < this is were i want to save to the text file

Here is my code:

            $dir = rand(1, 1999999);
            if (!file_exists($dir)) {
            mkdir($dir, 0777, true);
            if ($dir == true) {
                echo "Created directory! :D";
            } else {
                echo "Failed to create directory! ~ :(";

        chmod("/tdir/$dir/", 0777);
        echo "</br><a href='/tdir/'>Go Back</a>";
        echo "</br><a href='/tdir/$dir'>Go to page!</a></br>";
        $my_file = '../'.$dir.'/file.txt';
        $handle = fopen($my_file, 'w') or die('Cannot open file:  '.$my_file);
        $data = 'This is the data';
        fwrite($handle, $data);

I keep getting this error:

Created directory! :D
Go Back
Go to page!
Cannot open file: ../1320710 *random number directory* /file.txt

I need to be able to save to file.txt in the $dir directory!

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You aren't actually checking if the directory was created. $dir is just a random number, and it will always evaluate to TRUE, so your condition if ($dir == true) { is pointless. –  Amal Murali Nov 30 '13 at 8:55

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You have to evaluate the response of the mkdir function, just write it like this

if (mkdir($dir, 0777, true) === TRUE){

Also, when writing/reading folders, make sure that you use System path, not URL path.

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