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I'm taking a course on lexical analysis, and \t\v\r is used in the lexer token definitions to represent white spaces. What are \v and \r exactly??

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\t is a horizontal tab, \v is a vertical tab and \r is a carriage return.

They are certainly a sub-set of white space characters.

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\' Single quote (')
\" Double quote (")
\a ASCII Bell (BEL)
\b ASCII Backspace (BS)
\f ASCII Formfeed (FF)
\n ASCII Linefeed (LF)
\N{name} Character named name in the Unicode database (Unicode only)
\r ASCII Carriage Return (CR)
\t ASCII Horizontal Tab (TAB)
\uxxxx Character with 16-bit hex value xxxx (Unicode only) (1) \Uxxxxxxxx Character with 32-bit hex value xxxxxxxx (Unicode only) (2) \v ASCII Vertical Tab (VT)

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