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I am trying to select the value using erlang cql client. but its shows a term is constructed, but never used. So I am psssing my select query like this

Qry2 = "SELECT convid,msg FROM seestar.messagelog where expid=? ALLOW FILTERING",
{ok, Res4} = seestar_session:prepare(Pid, Qry2),
QryID = seestar_result:query_id(Res4),
Types = seestar_result:types(Res4),
[ {ok, _} = seestar_session:execute(Pid, QryID, Types, [103], one) ],

and another way I also tried

Invidone =103,
Qry2 = "SELECT convid,msg FROM seestar.messagelog where expid='",Invidone,"' ALLOW FILTERING",
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I'm not sure what the problem is. Does your query work from cqlsh? NB: ALLOW FILTERING is a code smell, consider indexing expid. –  jbellis Dec 3 '13 at 19:12
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