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i have installed imageMagick and ghostscript from online and put it inside mamp but m not getting how to include them in my php code.. by googling i found a code

    $pdf = 'serviceReport.pdf';
    $save = 'output.jpg';

    exec('convert "'.$pdf.'" -colorspace RGB -resize 800 "'.$save.'"', $output, $return_var);


but m not getting the result..can anyone help with this

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Is the PDF multi page? You may find the output filename postfixed by page number. You should specify the page you want to image if not all of them with serviceReport.pdf[0], etc. – Orbling Dec 3 '13 at 18:11

It is much effective to use the php extension ImageMagick offers (Imagick) instead of command line tools:

// ...
$img = new \Imagick();
$img->readimage($filedata['tmp_name']); // this can be a pdf file!
$img->writeImage(sprintf('%1$s/%2$s.jpg', $basepath, $basename));
// ...

Another alternative is to use the poppler tools instead. They offer much faster processing.

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