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I have an activity that has a different layout depending on what kind of content it's supposed to display.

switch (mPost.getType()) {
    case Constants.TYPE_VIDEO:
    case Constants.TYPE_TEXT:

(if there's a better way to do this, please tell me. I was thinking about using one post_activity layout file with a <View /> and inflating into that but how to do that is beyond me)

both layout files are similar except for the header content. The structure, from top to bottom , is:

            header - either a YouTubeViewer (YouTube API) or a TextView
            info - a bunch of TextViews
            comments - a standard listview


mListView = (ListView) findViewById(R.id.comments);
mCommentsAdapter = new CommentAdapter(this);

I find the ListView, I assign it an adapter, and then I fetch comments and data from FaceBook using the API. From here, everything works. All the information is fetched correctly, and I parse it correctly.

Request.newGraphPathRequest(Session.getActiveSession(), mPost.getId() + Constants.GRAPH_URL_COMMENTS, new PostActivityCommentsOnCompleteCallback(this)).executeAsync();

both use the same callback for Facebook API comment requests

HOWEVER, only when the activity's content view is set to the post_activity_video view does it display the comments. Everything else renders fine and all information IS fetched and stored, but the comments list is never rendered (getView() inside AbsListView is never called when it's just a text post - it is called when it's a video post)

I'm honestly not sure what else to share in terms of code. If you need more, let me know what you need to see and we'll go from there.

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