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That's why I coded a wrapper-function which tries to handle the error so that in case of a dropped frame, it simply get's captured again and doesn't abort the running code:

function img = getsnapshotfcn(obj, maxRetries, pausing)
    % Default args
    if(nargin < 3)
        pausing = 4; % in sec
    if(nargin < 2)
        maxRetries = 20;

    % Try to capture snapshot...
    i = 0;
        i = i+1;
            img = getsnapshot(obj);

            % success? -> break loop
        catch err
            % Pause shortly before retry

        % maxRetries reached? -> error
        if(i > maxRetries)
            error('snapshot:maxRetriesReached', 'blaaa...');

When now using getsnapshotfcn() I'm sometimes still still getting the above posted error message shown in the console and I'm wondering why. I didn't expect the error to disappear (and please don't help me about this, I already know that I need to set the PacketDelay which I already did but in rare occasions it still happens even though running on a fast CPU) but I expected it to NOT being displayed as I expected it to simply be catched via try-catch.

What could be the case it's still being shown in the console? Thank you very much in advance.

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My guess is that the error does not arise in Matlab, but the message is printed to the console by some external tool (called via system() or a mex file maybe). What is getsnapshot(), where did you get it, can you modify it? Can you maybe detect that an error happened by a special return value given by that function? – A. Donda Nov 30 '13 at 16:07
Good approach/point, but can't imagine that's the problem as getsnapshot() is a built-in function in MATLAB There are neither external scripts nor mex-files involved. I simply let run a script with a while loop which captures several frames with the wrapper getsnapshotfcn() to avoid script abortion. Nothing different involved. AND FYI: this is an error I'm already observed several times before and it's described on the mathworks homepage thus it clearly is a MATLAB error :-) Any other idea still? :) – tim Nov 30 '13 at 16:10
And I thought I had access to all the toolboxes! :-) Is it new? I've heard about other new functionality in 2013b to be a bit buggy. No, no other ideas. – A. Donda Nov 30 '13 at 16:17
It's there since R2012b :-)…. But still thank you – tim Nov 30 '13 at 16:23
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I could solve it by using evalc in MATLAB using

evalc('img = getsnapshot(obj);')

instead of

img = getsnapshot(obj);

in the above code :-)

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