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I'm relatively new to the scala language (and programming in general). I recently installed the JDK and the Scala IDE (for eclipse). The setup went smoothly, but I encountered an issue upon trying to run a Hello World application. When I attempt to "Run As" the only available options are "Java Applet" and "Java Application". How do I proceed in trying to run as a "Scala Application"? Many thanks in advance!

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Make sure you have done all of the following steps:

  1. Switch to the Scala perspective
  2. Make sure the project is registered as a Scala project, not a Java project or any other kind of project. When you create the project, you can do this with New -> Scala project. If you have already created or imported the project, you can right-click on the project's root directory, then choose Scala and then Add Scala Nature. Alternatively, if it's an sbt project, you can use the sbt-eclipse plugin for sbt to generate an Eclipse project configuration for your existing project, and then reload the project in Eclipse.
  3. Create an appropriate main object with a main method, if you don't already have one.
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Thanks for clarifying, but how might I go about creating an appropriate main object with a main method? –  user3052079 Dec 3 '13 at 3:06
In my case the problem was that I copied some files (notably Main.scala) from one my previous projects and forgot to rewrite the "package ..." part of the program. –  Filip B. Vondrášek May 9 at 16:32
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Try to click right button on the Scala object with main method (not on the root project element). Then the "Run as... Scala application" menu item appears.

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