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I'm testing the following:


class Account < ActiveRecord::Base 
  has_many :ownerships
  has_many :brands, :through => :ownerships

Ownership join model

class Ownership < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :brand
  belongs_to :account


it "should be able to apply for brand ownership" do
  account = Account.create(valid_account_attributes)
  account.ownerships.create(:brand => Brand.create(:name => 'Superuser'))
  account.ownerships.first.state == 'pending'

And I keep getting this error

You cannot call create unless the parent is saved

I really don't get it - what parent? Shouldn't all the models be created and saved when using 'create'-method? I've tried putting '' everywhere.

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i think there is a validation error somewhere. So #save or #create returned false. Am facing this issue myself. In my case i was mocking the return type by using build ie. not saving the object – deepak Sep 25 '12 at 12:55

Are you sure that account is actually saved? Did you try using create! to see if any exceptions are raised?

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I had the same error. I thought I had deleted all rows of my tables but still had one with a user, the same user I was trying to insert with the command. I solved the problem by erasing the line.

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