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When using a custom driver for merging in Git what is the full file path of the Git attributes /arguments you pass to the driver?


driver = filfre %O %A %B

What is the full file path of the three files, %O, %A, and %B?


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You can follow the example I posted about How do I tell git to always select my local version for conflicted merges on a specific file?.

That scenario involves a merge driver, which you can tweak to display those three variable.


echo origin $1
echo origin content:
cat $1
echo local  $2
echo local content:
cat $2
echo remote $3
echo remote content:
cat $3
exit 0

Here what it returned to me:

C:\Prog\Git\tests\CopyMerge>git merge hisBranch

origin .merge_file_a08152
origin content:

local .merge_file_b08152
local content:

remote .merge_file_c08152
remote content:

So in this instance, it appears to be generating three local temp files, names merge_file_xxx.

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But there should be a way to retrieve the original file path I think. What about today, 5 years later? Any suggestion? –  BlackEye Jun 1 at 14:14

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