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I know its been asked already , but this time the solutions are not working for me . I had some framework that was dragged to Xcode without copying it . than i have removed it from desktop , and Xcode shows error that its missing . (till now ok).

So, i have removed the .framework of this file, from the frameworks folder in the project. Now i can't add it again, because :

an item with the same name already exists

its not there,i can't find it in the project, and can't add it again.

What could i miss here ?

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If you go to the target settings for the target which included it, click on "Build Phases" and twirl open the section labeled "Link Binary With Libraries" you'll probably see it in the list of linked libraries. Simply select the old one and press the "-" button to remove it.

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Also- Check your project folder. Sometimes your file doesn't get deleted out of that folder even though Xcode is showing that file not there.

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