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Suppose I have a function

plotSingle <- function(x) {

I want to use this in a loop in Sweave to generate 20 pages with 1 plot on each page. For example:

for(loop in 1:20) {

However, this will only generate 1 plot on 1 page, not the 20 on 20 pages that I'm after.

How do I adjust the above Sweave code in order to do what I want?

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You should add plot.new or its alias frame() and no need to to cat('\\newpage')

plotSingle <- function(x) {
   plot.new()   ##  ~ frame()
for(i in 1:3) plotSingle(mtcars)

EDIT with layout:

I think that knitr do some optimizations when he found the same plot statement. That


plotSingle <- function(x) {

   plot(0,main=x)          ## the 3 plots statement here are different
   plot(1,main=x)          ## you can just change the title also and it will works
   plot(2,main=x)          ## keep in mind to give knitr different plot statement.


 for(i in 1:5)  plotSingle(i)  ## you have also to give different iodex here
                               ## plotSingle(0) will not work for example.
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What if this plotSingle function actually plots a layout plot that contains 3 subplots in the same device? –  user2763361 Nov 30 '13 at 16:04
@user2763361 good catch. I edit my answer. I hope it is clear. –  agstudy Nov 30 '13 at 17:09

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