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This Facebook Login View method loginViewFetchedUserInfo: is getting called twice or even 3 times.Why does this happen? and how to prevent this? I'm getting a crash from time to time especially when this method gets called 3 times because of some codes that I need to do inside loginViewFetchedUserInfo:.

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Apparently this bug was filed and fixed in the SDK 3.8 version. However I am still seeing it on 3.11. – Micah Jan 8 '14 at 19:12

I put this line in viewDidDisappear and it worked

self.loginView.delegate = Nil;
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I had a similar problem because of this bug on the Facebook SDK. I had fixed it temporarily by putting flags in between the Facebook calls. The flags used to get incremented by 1 each time the function is repeated. I used if condition to check and skip the function being called twice or more, and there by limiting the function call to one.

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